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Gene Therapy

Gene therapies make use of genetic material like DNA or RNA, which is introduced into cells inside the human body to treat diseases. Viral vectors such as Adeno Associated Vectors (AAV) and lentiviruses are the preferred vehicles for DNA transfer into cells.

These viral vectors are produced in host expression systems such as HEK293 cells. The genetic information for the virus and the therapeutic gene is introduced into the culture using plasmids. After vector production the cells often need to be lysed to optimize the viral vector yield. At this stage the product is exposed to large quantities of nucleic acids from the host cell and residual plasmids.

DNA can form aggregates with product and cell debris, which makes purification challenging. Addition of DENARASE before the lysis step rapidly digests DNA without interacting with the product. This helps to improve performance of subsequent purification steps and increases the overall vector yield.

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