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The DENARASE ELISA Kit has been developed to monitor residual traces of Serratia marcescens endonucleases such as DENARASE and Benzonase* in process samples of biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The kit may be used for both process development and quality control purposes.

The DENARASE ELISA Kit uses an antibody sandwich principle in which the endonuclease is captured by two specific monoclonal antibodies. The first antibody is pre-coated on micro test plates and makes the endonucleases adhere to the plate. After washing the plates, a second monoclonal antibody binds specifically with the captured endonuclease. This second antibody can be detected visually and quantified with the help of an enzyme conjugate and substrate solution.

Best in Class Performance
The carefully selected monoclonal antibodies provide an unmatched sensitivity and reproducibility in comparison to similar endonuclease ELISA Kits that work with polyclonal antibodies.

*Benzonase Nuclease is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA

Contents of the Kit

The DENARASE ELISA Kit contains ready-to-use micro test plates and reagents for a total of 480 measurements. For details about the contents of the kit please refer to the table below.

1Microtest plate
96 wells (12 strips of 8 wells), pre-coated with a monoclonal

antibody specific for Serratia marcescens endonuclease

5 microplates
2Washing buffer
Tris buffered saline containing surfactant and preservative, 10x concentrate3 x 100 mL
3Dilution buffer (10x)Tris buffered saline containing surfactant and preservative, 10x concentrate1 x 20 mL
4DENARASE Standard
(10 µg/mL)
DENARASE endonuclease in a buffered solution with preservative1 x 0.1 mL
5Detector antibody
Monoclonal antibody specific for Serratia marcescens endonuclease, conjugated to
biotin, in a buffered solution with preservative, 100x concentrate
1 x 0.75 mL
6Enzyme conjugate
Streptavidin-conjugated horseradish peroxidase in stabilized solution, 100x concentrate1 x 0.75 mL
7Substrate solutionTMB One Substrate solution, ready-to-use1 x 75 mL
8Stop solution0.5 M sulfuric acid1 x 75 mL

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    For the quantitative analysis of residual Serratia marcescens endonucleases in process samples.

    • The kit consists of a pre-coated micro test plate and ready to use reagents. ​
    • The capacity of 1 kit is 480 measurements ​
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